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PU Library Organized Books’ Introductory Talks

The Punjab University Library conducted its March 2021 Book Club program in which introductory talks on two books were presented. The books of the month were “Maqalat-e- Shams Tabrazi by Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Tabrazi” and “Why I am not a Hindu by Kancha Ilaiah” The program was attended by students and faculty members under strict compliance of Covid-19 SOPs.

The introduction to the Persian Book“Maqalat-e- Shams Tabrazi” was presented by Prof Dr Moeen Nizami, Professor Dept of Persian PU. His scholarly talk on the book was highly appreciated by the audience. He, in a brief and precise manner, presented the biographical sketch of the Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Tabrazi by narrating the author’s statements. Dr. Moeen rejected the immoral allegations levied by some European scholars on Shams Tabrazi, while presenting intellectual pieces of evidence from the book.

The talk on the second book “Why I am not a Hindu” was presented by Dr Marium Kamal, Assistant Professor, Centre for South Asian Studies, PU. She provided a critical yet interesting comparison of the ideologies of Hinduism and Dalits in India and its implications not only on India but also on the neighbouring South Asian countries. She also included some points from the book of Shahi Tharoor “Why I am a Hindu” to elaborate the concepts in depth.

Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Chief Librarian PU Library, thanked the speakers and audience for their lively participation in the program and help in promoting PU Library’s vision of Book Reading and Loving Culture.