A Seminar on Indian English Day

A Seminar on Indian English DayThe  ‘Indian English Day’ will be celebrated at the Arts College, Osmania University, on 5th October 2016, at 3.30 PM, in Seminar Hall, participate in a big way. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

I am An Unconquered Lam

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

I am born as a lamb

In the meadows of caste

All around me were wolves

Educated abroad to be nationalists

My competition on the grass land

Was seen as anti-national.

My knowledge of the land, water, forests

Was seen as meritless madness.

My  awareness of myself

Was seen as Un-Indian absurdity.

They wanted to swallow me

Yet I survived as I am not Eklavya

I advanced as I am not Baliraja

I  declared, I am Not a Hindu, as I am not Kabir

I know the language that they never knew

I rejected the authority of all wolves

I operated outside their ideology

I am Ilaiah Shepherd

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

( Released on the occasion of 64th Birth Day of Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd)