O, Bharatiya Brahmins poem



O Brahmins of Bharath and the World

You want to crucify me

Knowing that I can’t resurrect,

As I am not Jesus Christ.

But, I will follow that Star,

As I am an Indian shepherd.

I will not destroy your temples

But, I will destroy all our shackles,

As I follow only the God of Equality.


Good, you tell all lies about me

You abuse me as Iligadu

I do not abuse the abuser,

But, lay down my life for the abused.

I turn my inside out

I am now Ilaiah Shepherd

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd.


Dedicated to the Dalitbahujans and adivasisi of India

(Released on 21 May, 2016 in a meeting of all Dalitbahujans, students, writers and women organizations, at Sunadaraiah Vigyana Kendram, Hyderabad, after the Brahmin organizations came to my office at Maulana Azad National Urdu University, and burnt my effigies in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.)

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

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