Vishal Mangalwadi’s Hindutva Agendra

Mr. Vishal Mandgalwadi

A Muslim friend of mine, who seems to have written to you also told me about your facebook post. When I saw that I was shocked.

I never knew that you are such a liar. When did I tell you in 2001 that I am writing Post Hindu India? I did not even have an idea of publishing this book with that title. At that time I was working on my Ph.D theses to be published and that year only it was published. Then I worked on my Buffalo Nationalism book which was published in 2004.

I did not even know you by then except that one of your friends requested that I should write an introduction to one of your very bad books. With great dislike I did that. You talk as if you are my great fried. This is totally human receptivity.

You do not even understand the fundamental ideas that developed in my first book Why I Am Not Hindu. When I wrote that book do you know in 1994-6? At that time I did not even have single Christian contact. I met Joseph Desouza in 1999 that too after I became a columnist in well known English daily The Hindu. It was an accidental meeting. I told him about my English education agenda. He responded for that positively. But you, for that few hours I was with you after I released your book you talked only about conversion stuff. I was a left liberal working with civil rights movement for several years. I was never into your sin business and heaven politics of making money.

I realized how low your standard and academic stature is now. Did you read and understand my Post Hindu India. Do you think that that book could be written with $10, 000 from somebody. I never wrote books like you with money for money. The data that the book contains and philosophical arguments that it developed cannot be mobilized or collected by spending Crores of rupees. An OBC thinker like me cannot be enslaved by your foolish ideas of conversion. My struggle is to liberate my people, with an agenda of carrying the vision of Gautham Buddha, Mahatma Phule, Ambedkar and Periyar. I know cannot understand them at all.

My agenda for teaching English to the SC/ST/OBC children is not bound by your personal agenda of going to heaven. All your life seems to be nothing but sins and sins. If Joseph DeSouza was childish like you, I would not have made friendship with him even for a day. He is a great visionary therefore our friendship remained and that has a cause of English education of the poorest of the poor.

I understood that you are out to destroy the life of thousands of poorest of the poor children’s future. After this facebook you posted I realized you have never understood even an inch of Jesus’s liberative agenda of the slaves and the wretched of the earth. Stop this kind of nonsensical campaign against an historical cause. You seem to be worse than Paripurnanada Sway who said that Mother Theresa was women’s trafficking person. Do not expose yourself in future like this.

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd